Jericoacoara Beach

Jericoacoara beach, close to the town, is a beautiful bay surrounded white sand dunes and coconut trees. Following the coast, either East or West, tourists find a succession of semi-wild beaches.

Sunset at Por Do Sol Dune

At the end of the afternoon, many people go up Jericoacoara’s highest dune, nearly 98,43 ft (30 m) tall, to watch the sun go down.

Jericoacoara National Park

Areas of Environmental Protection. Its greatest attraction is the Jericoacoara beach, but the area also includes fields, dunes, beaches of green waters, and the unique rocky formation known as Serrote (Handsaw). In the area, one may see several species of birds, even some endangered ones.

Lagoons in Jijoca de Jericoacoara

Paradise Lagoon

In Jijoca tourists find the Azul pond (Blue Pond) and the Paraíso pond (Paradise pond), where trade winds make the place simply perfect for the sail sports. Access is gained by buggy and 4×4 vehicles, which leave the town of Jeri. The ponds are also excellent for swimming, kayak rides, mask diving, snorkeling, and fin swimming.

Buggy ride to Nova Tatajuba

Nova Tatajuba, distant 22,37 mi (36 Km) from there, is a fishermen’s village with just a few houses. It was rebuilt after the old village of Tatajuba having been covered by the dunes of the area, which moved by the action of the winds of the area.

Paisagem em Jericoacoara

The sand buggy goes there by the dunes: it goes by beaches, crosses the Guriú River on a rustic raft, and passes by enormous sand formations and ponds that are excellent for a swim. At the end of the ride, tourists stop at a rustic little bar for some delicious snacks by the seashore.